Fiera dell'editoria italiana

19 23 aprile 2017
Fiera Milano Rho

Fiera dell'editoria italiana

19 23 aprile 2017
Fiera Milano Rho

A-Z: The Tempo di Libri alphabet

31 December 2016

From A to Z, here’s the Tempo di Libri alphabet: twenty six letters, twenty six keywords, twenty six “tags”: a compass for twenty six crossed paths.

A vventura (adventure)
(Science / Science Fiction)

B acio (kiss)
(Pink fiction / Young Adult)

C ena (Dinner)
(Catering and table philosophy / Cooking)

D issidente (dissident)
(Freedom of expression and the press)

E straneo (foreigner /stranger)
(Migrants / Atypical workers /Italians abroad)

F umetto (comic strip)
(Graphic novel / Classical cartoons / Comic strips)

G rand Tour
(Guides / TripAdvisor / Imaginary worlds and Bestiaries)

H obbit

I mmaginazione (imagination)
(Illustrated books / Escape / Relief)

J ane Austen
(Anniversaries / Love novels / Women authors)

K indergarten
(Infancy and new infancy / Infantilism / Parents)

L uce (light)
(Physics / Religion / Painting / Astronomy)

M ilano
(All the events in town)

N umeri (numbers)
(Mathematics / Economics / Marvels / Big Data)

O cchi (eyes)
(Photography / Facebook / Instagram)

P untate (episodes)
(TV series / Wattpad / Magazines / Encyclopaedias)

Q uanto? (how much?)
(Consumerism / Diets / Expectations / Disappointments)

R ivoluzione (revolution)
(History / Costume / Russia 1917 / Summer of Love)

S angue (blood)
(Medicine / Gender literature / Family)

T otò
(Cinema / Relations with one’s body / Humour / Satire)

U omini (Men)
(Heroes/ Blue quotas / Gender)

V oce (voice)
(Reading out loud / Audiobooks / Music/ Singing)

W onder
(Curiosity / Research / Wonders)

(InsightsX-rays / Illiteracy / Treasures)

Y ouTube
(Technology / Communication / YouPorn)

Z aha Hadid
(Architecture / Design / Being contemporary / Biographies)

(Digital Life / Digital Citizenship)

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